by Anne Delmas

When I arrived in Maleny I fell in love with a little house which looked Italian to me. Nothing special. But I was keeping an eye on it each time I was driving past. Until one day someone put a “for sale” sign in front of it. I was in despair as I was not in a situation to buy anything.
You see in France people don’t move as much as they do here. When you buy a house in France you keep it for life. For your life and the lives or your children.  So when a house you really like comes on the market in France you don’t have many chances to buy it. Especially in a village or a little town.
One of my best friends back in France has never moved from our home town. She married and built her house in her mother’s garden… it’s quite a big garden!.
Another friend has a small castle in her family. Her father and uncles grew up in it. Now the stables have been transformed one by one into lovely homes for the growing extended family. And every weekend they are all there… four generations so far.
So when I saw this for sale sign on my little Italian house I felt I had lost my chance.
Until  one year later. There was another ‘for sale’ sign in front of ‘my’ Italian house.
I felt really teased by the heavens: a house twice on the market in two years… and me still not able to buy it!
So I let it go, and kept moving from one rental house to another. Until I moved into my own house which is not Italian, but French. And for that I am remaining French. I want to keep it for generations.