ABC New Inventors winner, Dean Cameron (centre) with host James O'Loghlin and guest, Rolf Harris

Maleny inventor Dean Cameron is not someone  to rest on his laurels. Having attracted international interest in his revolutionary Biolytix sewage filter in recent years, Dean has now won the ABC’s 2008 national New Inventors award for another remarkable invention – the Joinlox.
Joinlox is a mechanical fastening system that has been developed to allow water tanks to be more easily transportable. But Joinlox has far-reaching applications for other industries as diverse as building, bridge construction and aerospace engineering.
Dean and Jenny Cameron and their children live in Maleny, and Dean previously appeared on The New Inventors show with his Biolytix Filter which later won the 2007 Asian Innovation Award and the People’s Choice Award at The Australian and New Zealand Innovation Award 2008 (Dupont), as well as Australia’s most prestigious Science Innovation Award, The Clunies Ross Award.

The Joinlox is a strong, yet versatile, spring-loaded joint. It could be formed from a vast array of materials, and used in many and diverse applications.
The Joinlox joint is formed by wedging two or more parts made with intermeshing, castellated edge hooks together. These are joined with a castellated Joinlox key.

Program finalist Hans Jusseit from Mapleton

Just across the Range in Montville lives Hans Jusseit who was also a finalist in the ABC’s New Inventors program for his invention – the Smart Hook System.
The Smart Hook makes long line fishing safer for seabirds and turtles.It’s a shield or barrier like a half tennis ball which covers the hook and is attached with a pin that dissolves once the hook sinks below 100 metres, releasing the shield and thereby preventing birds and turtles becoming hooked. Hans Jusseit was a tuna fishing boat owner / operator for ten years.