Unlock your child’s learning potential

Maddison hated maths and was incredibly shy. This year 4 student needed help and fast.  Through word of mouth she started an 8 week personal program at Curious Kids Can.   Now, halfway through her second program with Personal Mentor Elissa Seib, Maddison has received a maths achievement award for obtaining 93% in her maths tests as well as a trophy for best team player at netball. So how did this transformation take place?
In her learning studio in Eudlo, Elissa believes every child has strengths and talents unique to themself.  It’s knowing how to utilise their strengths and talents and unlock their potential to learn that is important.  Her students most commonly feel unhappy at school as if they don’t fit in, and often, there are emotional or behavioural challenges at home as well as school.
Elissa’s first teaching post was 18 years ago in a remote aboriginal community.  She says, “I was faced not only with hostile students who constantly tested me to see if I could last the distance, but I also had to get past cultural differences and the shock of being so isolated.   Once I survived that, the kids started to trust me and let me in. They taught me that our traditional, authoritarian way of learning was not always the best way; that bells, time-restraints and conformity killed instinctive and incidental learning.” 
Elissa then went and taught in a Lebanese school in Sydney. “This was a unique opportunity to reflect on different cultural teachings and values education, and as a result”, says Elissa “I studied for a Certificate in Religious Education and was awarded it with distinction. At this point I had yet to teach in a traditional Aussie classroom.”
Later, while teaching on the Sunshine Coast, Elissa studied for a Master of Education with a major in Children’s Literature.  It was here she explored many different ways to effectively teach students how to read and write in any culture.
Now, in her very own ‘little school’ called Curious Kids Can, Elissa nurtures and strengthens her students’ emotional intelligence so they can become confident and competent life long learners.  She does this by empowering her students to overcome their fears, by motivating her students to believe in themselves and by inspiring her students to experience personal success.
Elissa says, “This different approach enables me to enrich their core learning needs, for example in reading or writing, while nurturing their personal development of life long skills such as self-awareness and perseverance.   I also guide and support the parents in using the strategies taught at Curious Kids Can at home and at school.”    
The success of Elissa’s 1 to 1 personal mentoring shows that students can learn more effectively in a weekly one hour consultation than what they would learn in a classroom of 30 students.   In her        1 to 1 situation, any sense of shame, embarrassment, or fear of failing is gone. 
Elissa says, “It is usually the 2nd or 3rd consultation when the walls come down and it often occurs during the weekly rainforest walks.  The purpose of the walks is to clear the mind of the day’s clutter, provide some physical exercise as well as a sensory experience of rainforest sounds, smells and sights. It’s a walk for getting to know each other, for sharing our thoughts and a laugh.”
Elissa’s bubbly personality allows her students to have fun.  They can once again enjoy learning and breathe a huge sigh of relief because now they know there is a different, fun way to learn and it’s called Curious Kids Can.
To find out more about unlocking your child’s learning potential contact Elissa on 0419 724 862, email info@curiouskidscan.com.au or visit the website www.curiouskidscan.com.au  

Faith Baigent
Consultations with Elissa start with a 15 min walk in the rainforest